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Plenary & Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers
  • Dr. Bruce E. Rittmann
    Center Director & Professor
    Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology (ASU), USA
  • Dr. Byung-Kwan Cho
    Department of Biological Sciences, KAIST, South Korea
  • Dr. Wonyong Choi
    Distinguished Professor & Director
    KENTECH Institute for Environmental and Climate Technology, South Korea
Invited Speakers
  • Dr. Ralf B. Wehrspohn
    First Distinguished Adjunct Professor
    KENTECH, South Korea
  • Dr. Gopalakrishnan Kumar
    Associate Professor
    University of Stavanger, Norway
  • Dr. Byoung-In Sang
    Hanyang University, South Korea
  • Dr. Sanghyup Lee
    National Institute of Green Technology, South Korea
  • Dr. Taeho Lee
    Pusan National University, South Korea
  • Dr. Sungpyo Kim
    Korea University, South Korea
  • Dr. Tizazu Mekonnen
    IBET Director & Associate Professor
    University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Dr. Yaoqing Zhang
    Senior Editor of Nature Sustainability
  • Dr. Seonghwan (Sam) Kim
    Professor / President
    University of Calgary, Canada / Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE)