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Program at a Glance

26 July
Time Program

Opening remark – ACCE President Lee

Congratulatory remark – KENTECH President Yoon


Plenary talk 1: Opportunities in Microbial Bioenergy
Bruce E. Rittmann, Arizona State University


Photo-session and coffee break


[Session A] English / Venue: Grand Hall
Environmental Biotechnology for Circular Bioeconomy

N-alkane production from anaerobic digestion with syncretic bio- and electrochemical process
Byoung-In Sang, Hanyang University, Korea

Biobased technologies towards circular bioeconomy: Perspective from Norway
Gopalakrishnan Kumar, Univ. of Stavanger, Norway

The transition from the plastic world that started with nylon to a carbon-neutral society
Sang-Hyup Lee, National Institute of Green Technology, Korea

Joonhong Park, Yonsei University, Korea

27 July
Time Program

Plenary talk 2: Advancing Biotechnology for Sustainable Carbon Net-Zero
Byung-Kwan Cho, KAIST, Korea


[Session B] English
Nutrient Management and Resource Recovery

Pathways to a net-zero: a non-carbon source energy-extraction from wastewater treatment infrastructure
Sungpyo Kim, Korea University, Korea

Balancing partial denitrification and anammox activities for carbon-neutral mainstream nitrogen removal
Taeho Lee, Pusan National Univerisy, Korea

Toward efficient electrochemical lithium recovery: Understanding the electrode behavior and improving the electrode designs
Seoni Kim, Ewha Womans University, Korea

Alternative evaluation methodology for saline nitrogenous wastewaters : Iterative specific ANAMMOX activity assay
Kyungjin Cho, KIST, Korea

Competitive inhibition of NOB in simultaneous nutrient removal pathway for low-strength wastewater treatment: Combination of EBPR and Anammox
Daehee Choi, Yeungnam University, Korea

Fertilizer material recovery from human urine coupled with biogas upgrading
Hanwoong Kim, UNIST, Korea

[Session C] English / Venue: Grand Hall
Sustainable Wastewater Management

Carbon financing as a catalyst for facilitating investments in carbon-neutral circular economy projects
Dukwoo Jun, Global Green Growth Institute, Korea

Recent advances in innovative osmotic membranes for resource recovery and energy production in wastewater treatment
Di Wu, Ghent University Global Campus Korea

Electroactive nanowire membranes for enhanced biofouling control in membrane bioreactors
Hyeona Park, Kyungpook National University, Korea

Enhanced biofouling control in anaerobic membrane bioreactors using high-dose quorum quenching bacteria
Syed Salman Ali Shah, Kyungpook National University, Korea

Microbiome enriched in a methane-based membrane biofilm reactor for enhancement of methane mitigation in wastewater treatment plants
Na-Kyung Kim, Korea University, Korea

Performance evaluation of lab-scale electrochemically assisted anaerobic treatment of greywater for biomethane recovery
Smruti Ranjan Dash, Inha University, Korea

[Session D] English / Venue: Conference Hall B
Waste Carbon to Valuable Chemicals

Engineered MOF and CNQD photocatalysts for CO2 conversion and utilization
Seonghwan (Sam) Kim, University of Calgary, Canada

Polymer sustainability to serve society and safeguard the environment
Tizazu H. Mekonnen, Waterloo University, Canada

Polyhydroxyalkanoates manufacturing process for carbon neutral circular economy
Youngbi n Baek, Inha University, Korea

PHA biosynthesis from food wastewater
Aghasa Aghasa, KENTECH, Korea

Sustainable biorefinery approach by upcycling biodiesel-derived crude glycerol to microalgae cultivation for value-added production
Sunah Kim, Pusan National Univerisy, Korea

Development of sustainable tobacco wastes treatment strategy using anaerobic digestion
Chaeyoung Rhee, Gyeongsang National University, Korea

[Session E] English
Special session: ESG (I)

Session starts at 10:00

정의롭고 공정한 Net-Zero 달성을 위한 한국중부발전의 전략
Youngkyu Park, KOMIPO Co., Korea

탄소중립 미래형 하수처리시설, Tomorrow Water Project
Munchin Choi, BKT Co., Korea

기후테크와 금융 – 위기에서 기회로
Sangyeob Han, Sopoong Ventures Co., Korea

탄소 중립을 위한 CCUS 기술 개발 및 실증 추진 사례
Jungsoo Mun, Lotte E&C Co., Korea


Poster session


Plenary talk 3: Photo(electro)catalysis as a Carbon-neutral Technology for Sustainable Environment
Wonyong Choi (KENTECH)


[Session F] English
Green Hydrogen and Biogas

Recent advances in Green Hydrogen production and transition in EU and Scandinavia
Gopalakrishnan Kumar, Univ. of Stavanger, Norway

Biohydrogen and biomethane production from food waste using a dynamic membrane bioreactor
Ju-Hyeong Jung, Kunsan National University, Korea

Magnetite particles enhance continuous anaerobic digestion of propionate against ammonia stress: process stability and microbial communities
Joonyeob Lee, Pukyong National University, Korea

Does functional pathways involved in the methanogenesis via direct interspecies electron transfer could be enriched during anaerobic digester operation?
Sang-Hoon Lee, Korea University, Korea

Valorization of domestic food wastes for the feedstock of bioelectrochemical hydrogen production and its practical application
Danbee Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research

Photocatalytic water-energy nexus systems for solar water remediation coupled with hydrogen or electricity generation
Qingyi Zeng, KENTECH, Korea

[Session G] Korean (English)
Special session: KENTECH

Research and education at KENTECH pursuing carbon-neutrality
Chinho Park, KENTECH, Korea

Role of Hydrogen for Carbon Neutirality in Korea
Jonghee Han, KENTECH, Korea

Towards a true lithium circular economy - from lithium processing to battery recycling
Ralf B. Wehrspohn, KENTECH, Korea

Carbon neutrality technology: CO2 conversion and waste plastics degradation into liquid fuels
Young Soo Kang, KENTECH, Korea

[Panel discussion]
Moderator: Hyung-sool Lee, KENTECH, Korea
Panels: Chinho Park, KENTECH, Korea
Bruce E. Rittmann, KENTECH, Korea
Wonyong Choi, KENTECH, Korea
Ralf B. Wehrspohn, KENTECH, Korea
Jonghee Han, KENTECH, Korea
Youngsoo Kang, KENTECH, Korea
Dr Yaoqing Zhang, Senior Editor of Nature Sustainability

[Session H] Korean (English)
Special session: National Institute of Biological Resources

Trends of bioconversion technology and exploration of indigenous microbial resources for reducing greenhouse gases
Moonsuk Hur, National Institute of Biological Resources, Korea

Current status and perspectives of photobiological H2 production technology based on light absorption, electron transport, and metalloenzymes
Eui-Jin Kim, Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Resources, Korea

Strategy for reducing dissolved methane using methane-oxidizing bacteria
Hee-Deung Park, Korea University, Korea

Biosynthesis of biopolymers from formate, a soluble C1 compound
Min-Kyu Oh, Korea University, Korea

Systems and synthetic biology approaches of acetogenicbacteria for sustainable C1 gases bioconversion
Byung-Kwan Cho, KAIST, Korea

[Panel discussion]
Panels: 양영진 국립생물자원관 생물자원활용부장
Chul Wan Park, Seojeong University
포스코 저탄소공정연구소 김기수 소장
Donghyuk Kim, UNIST, Korea

[Session I] Korean (English)
Special session: ESG (II)

탄소중립, 순환경제를 위한 환경기술개발(R&D) 추진 방향
Byung-Hoon Kim, Green Technology Development Division, Korea Ministry of Environment

환경 이슈와 해결방안
Hyung Soon (Henry) Kim, Jeollanam-do Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, Korea

Biobased 바이오 플라스틱의 탄소감축 효과에 대한 재조명과 Carbon Credit 평가 논리에 대한 고찰
Jeoung Jun Hwang, Green Plastic Alliance, Korea

탈석탄 1호, 보령시 - 수소, 신재생, 바이오가스 등 그린에너지산업과 탄소중립, 에너지전환 선도하다
이용희 과장, Boryeong City Energy Department, Korea

Analyzing research trends and insights in ESG: Exploring the role of ESG in climate change challenges
TaeJeong Park, Seoul Cyber University, Korea



28 July
Time Program

[Session J] Korean (English) / Venue: Seminar Room 2
Student session: Carbon Neutrality Challenge







[Session K] Korean (English)
Special session: Korea Institute of Energy Research

Overview of e-methanol production technology and its global market as an ecofriendly alternative marine fuel
HakJoo Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research

Electrochemical CO2 reduction technology for carbon neutrality
Wonhee Lee, Korea Institute of Energy Research

Pretreatments for cellulosic biorefinery
Jin-Suk Lee, SugarEn Co., Korea

Microalgae biorefinery process for circular bioeconomy
You-Kwan Oh, Pusan National Univerisy, Korea

Value added material production by microbial gas fermentation
Min-Sik Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research

e-Biorefinery technology for net-zero bio-based production
Soo Youn Lee, Korea Institute of Energy Research

[Session L] Korean (English)
Special session: Korean Society of Water and Wastewater

Advanced oxidation technologies utilizing low-grade heat and waste-derived biochar toward carbon neutrality
Jaesang Lee, Korea University, Korea

Bioelectrochemical system for energy and valuable resource production, and sustainable wastewater treatment towards a carbon-neutral society
Kyu-Jung Chae, Korea Maritime & Ocean University

Technologies for energy saving and recovery in wastewater treatment
Sang-Hyoun Kim, Yonsei University, Korea

Water production and desalination technologies by using the solar energy
Seongpil Jeong, KIST, Korea

기후변화에 따른 신규 지진 위험지역의 상하수도관망 기능유지를 위한 취약점 분석 방법론
Seongjun Park, Hanyang University, Korea

[Session M] Korean (English)
Special session: Korean Society on Water Environment

Keep manure fresh, get more!
Dong-Hoon Kim, Inha University, Korea

Role and challenges of wastewater utilities for a decarbonized society
Ilho Kim, Korea Institute of Construction Technology

Roadmap to achieving carbon neutrality in the water sector of the Republic of Korea by 2050
Haejin Han, Korea Environment Institute

Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plants
Jongkeun Lee, Changwon National University, Korea


Closing Ceremony