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Board of Directors
Organizing Committee Name Affiliation
President Dr. Hyung-Sool Lee KENTECH
Vice-President Dr. Hee-Deung Park Korea University
Vice-President Dr. Joonhong Park Yonsei University
Executive Director Dr. Soo Youn Lee Korea Institute of Energy Research
EU Chair Dr. Gopalakrishnan Kumar University of Stavanger, Norway
NA Chair Dr. George Wells Northwestern University, USA 
Conference Director Dr. Jeonghwan Kim Inha University
Organizing committee
Dr. Jeonghwan Kim, Inha University Dr. Chang Ha Lee, Seoul National University
Dr. Hee-Deung Park, Korea University Dr. Chongmin Chung, Jeonju University
Dr. Joonhong Park, Yonsei University Dr. Bongkyu Kim, Jeonbuk National University
Dr. Changsoo Lee, UNIST Dr. Venkata Mohan, CSIR-IICT, India
Dr. Hyokwan Bae, UNIST Dr. Tizazu Mekonnen, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Kwiyong Kim, UNIST Dr. Jordan Thomson, Ontario Genomic Institute, Canada
Dr. Soo Youn Lee, KIER Dr. Abid Hussain, Carleton University, Canada
Bill Malyk, AMEC, Canada Bryon Wolff, EcoPoly Solutions, Canada
Dr. Sangmin Lee, KIER Dr. Kuenje Yoo, KMOU
Dr. Gahyun Baek Sungkyunkwan University
Dr. Eunseok Lee KENTECH
Strategic Council
Dr. Bruce E. Rittmann, ASU Reagent Professor, NAE, Stockholm Water Prize Laureate
Dr. Wonyong Choi, KENTECH ECT Director, Editor-in-Chief ES & T Engineering
Dr. Chinho Park, Vice-President, KENTECH
Dr. Insu Kim, Deputy President, GIST
Dr. Jaeho Bae, Professor, Inha University
Dr. Wookeun Bae, Professor Emeritus , Hanyang University
Dr. Young Soo Kang, KENTECH
Theme Directors
Dr. Jinho Kim, Agriculture, National Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Joonhong Park, Environment, Yonsei University
Dr. Hee-Deung Park, Environmental Technology, Korea University
Dr. Kwang-Ho Choo, Water Treatment and Management, Kyungpook National University
Dr. Myoung Hwan Oh, Carbon Capture and Utilization, KENTECH
Dr. Sangyoung Kim, Construction and Transportation, Yeungnam University
Dr. Wooyul Kim, Carbon Capture and Utilization, KENTECH
Dr. Yang Liu, Sustainable Wastewater Management, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Changsoo Lee, Biogas, UNIST
Dr. Trevor C. Charles, Microbiology, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Tizazu Mekonnen, Polymer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. S. Venkata Mohan, Circular Bioeconomy, CSIR-IICT, India
Kwang-Hyun Kim, Technology Commercialization, KENTECH
Bryon Wolff, Bioplastics, EcoPoly Solutions, Canada