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Welcome your participation into
the 1st international ACCE conference
and I look forward to meeting you
in Seoul on this summer.

There has been an average decline of nearly 70% of birds, amphibians,
mammals, fish, and reptiles since 1970 due to extensive ecological system
damage and habitat loss. Furthermore, resource extraction and processing
accounts for 90 percent of biodiversity loss and water stress and contribute to
about half of global greenhouse gas emissions. Endless growth that comes at
the expense of our planet is simply not sustainable. Unchecked climate-change
and ecosystem collapse threatens the very survival of our species.
Therefore, it is more urgent than ever that humankind shifts to more
sustainable models to meet the needs of the needs of the 8.5 billion people
expected to inhabit our planet by 2030.
Conference Chair

Prof. Hyung-sool Lee

The development of a circular, science-driven economy entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the
consumption of finite resources and by designing waste out of the system.
This process mimics nature, in which waste from one process is the feedstock for another. A circular economy is regenerative
by design redefines growth by focusing on positive society-wide benefits. The world is changing, and organizations and
governments need to adapt in order to meet increasingly stringent environmental and social expectations.
The development of a circular economy also presents significant opportunities. It has been estimated that the transition to
a circular economy could unlock $4.5 trillion USD in GDP growth worldwide. A cornerstone of the circular economy is recovering
resources and generating value-added products from materials that are currently considered “waste”.
It is my great pleasure to invite you for the 1st International ACCE Conference on Carbon Neutralization and Circular Economy
to be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea between July 26-28, 2023. Under the theme of ACCE, we will provide great opportunities
to share our knowledge and novelties in the field of Environmental Biotechnology for Circular Economy, Green Hydrogen
& Renewable Natural Gas, Water Management for Climate Change, Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) & Start-up
Business for Climate Change, Sustainable Wastewater Management for Circular Economy and Renewable Energy.
It is believed that your insights and extensive experiences on the themes will be valuable assets to this conference.
Best Regards,

Hyung-Sool Lee, PhD
ACCE President